Hello Copywriters.

My name is Diane Anderson. I’m a research specialist, and I do research for copywriters!

As you know, writing great copy starts with thorough research … research that’s current, focused, credible, and informed! In the best of all worlds, you should be able to take as much time as needed to gather background information.

But, let’s get real … copywriting is done on a deadline!

Often, there’s not enough time to write, let alone do research. Especially the kind of research that a copywriter needs. Research that adds magic, sparks your imagination, finds the big idea, a great story, a unique selling proposition, just the right pictures, and great headlines!

The problem is, your biggest value is writing top selling copy … not research. You have three choices. You can do your own research, have your client do it, or delegate the task.

That’s where I come in. I’ll hit the search engines, and based on your needs and specific instructions, collect the information … the right kind of information … the kind of information you need to get the click, make the sale, create a specific action and make your promo a success!

And, if your client is providing you with information, and they’re not able to dedicate their valuable time to research, you can recommend me. As a former legal assistant with over 20 years of experience, I have been loaned out to clients and have worked on countless due diligence and discovery projects.

I’m a super-star assistant, and have the resources, organizational focus, ethics, and client service(s) skills, to complete your project, as needed and on time!

When we work together, you maintain control of the research. And, if you outsource my services to your client directly, they can pay for the research with no out-of-pocket charges to you!

So, if your plate is full and you are ready to delegate your discovery needs, save time, and be more productive, call me and tell me what’s important to you and how I can fulfill that need.

I can save you time, I can keep you writing, and you can earn more!


Diane Anderson

(510) 396-7113

p.s. I also provide excellent interview and transcription services.